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So how does it work?

Comprised of a savvy team with over 50 years of collective IT expertise, we are changing the industry by cutting costs and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Throughout our years in the IT industry, we started to notice a trend - unbeknownst to them, our customers were wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on OEM branded products that aren't even manufactured by the OEM.  This struck us as alarming, and that’s when our wheels started turning.

What if we could save our customers money while providing the same high-quality solutions and accentuating personal connection over profit?

It’s with that “both/and” mentality that our team came together to found Boulder Networks - a small IT solutions company comprised of seasoned experts intent on disrupting a $7 billion industry, one happy customer at a time.

Here at Boulder Networks, we emphasize a seamless customer experience by creating a culture of respect and integrity that not only dictates the quality of our products, but also informs how we build relationships with each of our customers. We supply the same high-quality products as our OEM competitors, but by using third party manufacturers, we save our customers significant amounts of money. Armed with significant savings, our customers can fund additional projects in the data center; ones that actually matter.

Our team is well-versed in a variety of IT solutions and we are prepared to architect, implement, and deliver exactly what your company is looking for while providing superior customer service and developing a trusted business relationship in the process. We look forward to partnering together to elevate your IT experience.

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