In terms of quality, what is the main difference between your products and OEM products?

Our products are often comprised of the exact same hardware as products distributed by the manufacturers. We are committed to finding you the very best IT solutions and if that involves multiple vendor hardware, we will provide you with a single contract and a customized warranty that best suits your business needs. Ultimately, the difference is in our process and our approach to our customers. We provide the exact same high quality solutions, at a fraction of the OEM's list price, while optimizing your complete user experience and supporting your various IT needs along the way.

Are there risks associated with partnering with a third party supplier?

Sometimes third party suppliers do not offer an extended warranties with their products. However, our lifetime warranty is one of the most competitive warranties in the industry - even in comparison to OEM warranties, who usually offer shorter and more expensive support terms.  We offer a try-and-buy program for our customers to demo our gear before making a purchase. We have eliminated all perceived risk and have created an opportunity for the customer experience to be at the forefront of what we do.

What does it mean to be a third party supplier?

This just means that the hardware we sell is not supplied or branded by the OEMs. In other words, we can offer you more premium optic and memory solutions at a lower cost than our OEM competitors as well as unique warranty options exclusive to Boulder Networks. Rather than paying for an OEM brand name, you are paying for our quality and customer service pairing that is unparalleled in the industry.

Why are you able to offer your products at such a discounted rate?

While Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are known for selling high-priced products, we can ensure the value and quality of our products while lowering our prices because we are a third party supplier. This means that we acquire these products - which are often the exact same materials as those sold by OEM distributors - from a distributor who has obtained them from an OEM. Because these products are not stamped with the OEM brand before they ship to you, we are able to cut costs and save you large sums of money while offering you reliable products that are compatible with the same systems as competing product brands.