World Class Customer Service!


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Welcome to our virtual space! We are Boulder Networks - a Certified Economically Disadvantaged Small Woman-Owned Business with over five decades of collective experience in the IT industry. While it’s true that we sell premium products and offer high quality IT solutions, what sets us apart from the pack is our superior customer service.

Here at Boulder Networks, we guarantee our products and we guarantee that we will always diligently work to find solutions for your unique IT needs. But we also have another guarantee - that we will always strive to create an optimal experience for you, our customer, throughout the duration of our business partnership. We build lasting relationships with our customers through our authentic engagement, creative innovation, and trusted expertise.

In addition to prioritizing budget-minded savings and personal connection over profit, we also offer one of the most robust warranties in the industry, without voiding the OEM's warranty. We rely on our many years of industry knowledge and experience to find optimal technology solutions to fit your needs. Creating happy customers is at the forefront of what we do; without it, we cannot succeed.

According to reports by Accenture, 66% of customers switch brands due to poor customer service. Additionally, Insight Squared reports that $41 billion is lost by US companies each year due to the same dilemma - poor customer service.

These types of statistics inspired our team to create a new way of engaging the IT industry with customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our customers value working with Boulder Networks, because we truly listen to their needs and concerns, respond quickly to inquiries and emails, and offer world class customer service to those with whom we do business.

Our customers know that we genuinely care about them as individuals and not just numbers or representations of companies and enterprises. We emphasize the relational aspect of our business partnership instead of focusing solely on products and profit, and that’s what makes us who we are - a group of IT experts who are passionate about cultivating connection and re-shaping the industry to reflect customer service that exceeds expectations.

Take the plunge today and partner with us! We will take your IT solutions to the next level. At Boulder Networks, we promise that as a customer you will feel cared for, understood, and we guarantee to provide guidance along the way so your business is never left in the dark. Reach out to us today if you are ready to partner with us or have any questions.

Let’s Rethink IT together!