The Boulder Networks guarantee

Blue never settle

Boulder Networks provides premium hardware solutions at deep discounts over the OEMs. We also offer one of the most advanced lifetime warranties in the industry. In the unlikely event a service call is made, we will overnight your replacement part to ensure customer satisfaction and limited inconvenience.

Here are just a few reasons why customers turn to Boulder Networks:

  • Advanced replacements

  • Free ground shipping

  • Same day shipping

  • 100% (OEM) compatible guaranteed

  • Manufacturer’s warranty will not be voided

  • Free on-site Engineering Support

  • Meets IEEE 802.3z standards

  • Class 1 Laser Product Compliant( IEC 60825-1&IEC 60825-2)

  • MSA Compliant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • TAA Compliant (when specified)

  • Custom EPROM Programming

  • Exclusive Try and Buy demo program available

In addition, our warranty is protected by the Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson-Moss Act (Tie-in Sales Act), which allows our customers to use third party products without invalidating the OEM warranty. Furthermore, OEMs cannot require a customer to buy memory, optics, or other brand name equipment that warranties the base appliance. While many OEMs offer only 90-day warranties on their optics, our lifetime warranty ensures customer satisfaction and an optimal product experience.

For product specifics and availability, please fill out the following form with your name, a description of your hardware needs, and your contact information. After receiving and reviewing your query, our team will be in touch to discuss the optimal solutions for your IT needs.